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Our masterclasses are designed for organisations looking to support their employees in science communication training. Learn how to promote science through written and verbal communication, and more.

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We are working hard to bring you the best in flexible online courses covering a wide range of science communication skills. You'll be able to choose affordable modules from outreach to writing articles, and complete the course around your busy schedule on the go or at your desk.


We will shortly be announcing a range of training and networking events to help grow your skills and connect with like-minded individuals.
After working in a range of sectors from marketing to insurance, Kira followed her dream to become a Marine Biologist.

It was during this part of her life she found a love for science communication and how important it is to be able to clearly explain, inform and engage with different audiences.

She's now a freelance science writer and lecturer in science communication at the University of Portsmouth. 

Through SciComm Essentials, she hopes scientists will discover how science communication can become a natural and enjoyable part of their every day, and make it easier than ever for everyone to get access to these skills no matter their budget.
Kira Coley
"Invest in yourself and take the time to discover all the ways you can share your amazing work with the world. Sharing the passion you have for science is one of the most important and fulfilling things you will do."