Our Mission

Our mission is to help you discover the best communication tools for you and your research. 
Helping you...
share the wonders of science with the world in a way that works best for you and your audience.
Showing you... 
how science communication can become a natural part of your everyday.
Giving you... 
​​flexible interactive training and resources that are made for you: your goals, your learning style, and your busy schedule.

1. Talk to us about 
organising one of our masterclass courses at your organisation. Perfect for small and large groups.

2. Want to invest in your own development? We'll be launching 
SciComm Essentials Sessions in 2018, bringing affordable interactive training to individuals wanting to grow their skills and meet other like-minded people outside of their professional network.

3. In 2018 we'll be bringing 
The SciComm Essentials Live to a city near you! Lively and informal, this event is a great opportunity for scientists to practice storytelling skills on stage, meet new people and discover more tips from the experts.

4. Discover flexible 
online training modules for busy scientists on the go - launching soon from £99

5. Talk to us about 
speaking at a conference or networking event

5 ways we can help you​ 

5 ways we can help you​ 

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